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Pier will share with you all the trivia behind every single bottle, the work, the pleasure, and the food to pair the wines with. You may also find yourself laughing at the stories he has to tell.

Please note that we can only guarantee your Wine Experience if you book in advance.

Discover the flavors of our land while tasting our wines.

Choose one of these Experience types!

Basic Experience


Tasting of 3 wines with bread and/or crackers

Minimum 2 people

Wine Maker’s Experience

€ 20/person

Tasting of 4 wines with a selection of local cheese and cold cuts

Minimum 2 people

Full Experience

€ 35/person

Tasting of 5 wines with typical local dishes depending on seasonality

Minimum 4 people

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Have questions about your visit?

We have a few answers here that may help you already.

Are animals allowed? 
Sure, but only under the owner’s responsibility.

In which days are the tastings available?
Tastings are available every day of the week, with appointment only, from 11:00 a.m. until 20:00 (last access at 18:00).

How long is a tasting?
The tasting lasts between 2 to 3 hours. Maybe more, depending on how many stories Pier has to share.

Are children welcomed?
Absolutely yes. Children can play outside in the garden, or they could draw with chalks on the casks inside the winery. Parents are, however, fully responsible for their children.

What language will be spoken during the tasting?
Tastings can be held in Italian, English, or German.

Is it possible to visit the winery?
All tastings happen inside the winery, so you get the full experience of it. 

Which means of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, debit card and credit card “Visa” and “Mastercard”.

Is it possible to purchase the wines?
Of course! And we hope you do! At the end of tasting, it’s possible to purchase our wines at ex cellar prices.

Can you also arrange transportation for the guests?
For groups of at least 6 people, we can arrange transportation. From your location to the winery and back with a private taxi. The cost of this service will be communicated upon request.

Can you ship wines to be delivered at my house?
Yes! We can send wines to most EU countries and the USA

**Due to Covid-19 restrictions we can currently host one group at a time with a maximum of 14 people to ensure proper distancing.**

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