What’s in our wines?

A lot of happiness, dedication, and very little chemicals.

That’s right, we only use biological products and don’t use any products that can harm the natural equilibrium of life in our vineyards. What you get is pure joy straight from our vineyards.

Our wines are made with our own grapes and we treat our vineyards as our garden. Although we are not certified biological, we treat our vineyards as such. You can walk barefoot, let your kids run freely through the rows because we do not use any herbicides or pesticides in our vineyard. We do not even use Phosphates as they might leave residue in the wine.

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All Sfriso wines are available in limited quantities, which means that every single bottle passes through our hands at least twice before they land on your table.

See what our happy customers have to say about our wines!

This Prosecco is YUMMY! very cheerful, it brought joy and laughter to our family lunch. Dosage is perfect, not too dry so I can enjoy it on its own, not too sweet so it matched the food perfectly (chicken sauté with olives and mushroom). Loved it, couldn’t resist a 2nd glass.

Pauline Vicard

Areni Global

It’s cold outside. Inside we warm ourselves with this delicious sweet and sour Refosco made by our friends from Veneto, Reka, and Pier. Italian sun in a Dutch winter!

Mariëlla Beukers 


Verde Frizzante from Sfriso Winery in Veneto, Italy. Fresh, crisp, and fruity. Perfect spring-like wine to drink among friends, a wine that makes you happy!

Magnus Reuterdahl


Cabernet Franc is a grape variety that doesn’t have enough fans, I think. I began to enjoy wines from this variety on trips to the Loire area. When Pier and Reka organized a tasting of their wines at our house, their Cabernet Franc wine was my favourite: fruity, nice acidity, typical bell-pepper flavours, and a great companion with food (think: tomato sauce, green herbs).

Nico Poppelier


“S” as seductive. A fruity finesse that’s haunting you from the barbecue to a serious dinner… This Rosè is a true party pleaser, that also pleases the connoisseur. 

Lena Sarnholm

Sommelier & Wine Journalist

Every year I look for a wine like this – something to serve ice-cold, and delivered at the beginning, middle, or end of any meal, or anytime for that matter. This Verde is that sparkling wine. Line ’em up in the fridge, and have one always ready on call!

Dan Beekley

Road Cru Wine Importer