Sfriso Cabernet Franc

The unmistakable herbal scents make this Cabernet Franc unique on its own!

€ 13.00

This wine is one of Pier’s bets, he has always dreamed of making our red wines differently from what is common in our area. Why? Because he does not like how they are made locally. Red wines from our area are usually lighter compared to other Italian red wines, so Pier has taken a very different approach.

This Cabernet Franc expresses the best of itself with an intense and unmistakable herbal scent. It is structured but at the same time very enjoyable. We love it with risotto ai funghi, steaks, local salamis, and cheese, but some love it without food.

Serving temperature: 18-20°C
Grapes: 100% Cabernet Franc
13% vol.
Vintage: 2018