Our Story

We may look like it, but we are not your usual traditional Italian winery.


We are Reka and Pier and are here to offer a different, more entertaining, and down to earth wine experience because we like to build memories for you.

Ours isn’t a story that recounts centuries, tradition, and passion for winemaking.

It is a story that talks about the journey of two newlyweds, who at the ages of 26 and 30 inherited a winery in Veneto, Italy. This wasn’t a planned journey for us. But when life gives you a winery with vineyards, you ought to make wine.

We produce wine because sometimes it is just necessary to make life happier! Now, even more so, to save our sanity.

We are a family-owned micro-winery in Northeast Italy. Our aim is to bring more joy and delight into people’s lives with the wines we make.


Because sometimes a glass of wine can fix a bad mood.

Because sometimes it can ease difficult situations.

Because sometimes it just goes perfectly with a great meal.

Because sometimes it’s the best silent companion you need.

Because sometimes it’s the best way to express happiness.

Because sometimes is the best way to start a conversation.


Pier Sfriso

Chief Entertainer & Winemaker

Pier is a born status quo challenger and is the creative mind behind our wines.

Pier is our winemaker and is the one who has the nose and palate in this business.

He has been called “Mr. Sfrisostein” because of his particular attention to accounting, finances, and money.

Pier is a true entertainer and storyteller who loves to share his wines and fun stories with anyone. Sometimes he forgets about time and you may stay here laughing and tasting our wines for hours and hours. You may need to prepare for that.

Weird fact: he has a Nordic soul trapped in an Italian body, watch him wear a t-shirt during winter! Oh! And he is also a true beer lover with a collection of over 300 beer mugs and glasses.

Reka Haros

The Wife Of This Guy On The Left

Reka is the generator of ideas and the creative mind behind our winery.

Reka is all about objectives and strategies and her “nose and palate” are trained for marketing and communications.

She has been called “a pain in a butt strategist” because of her particular ability to have a long vision and not accepting fast and easy solutions.

Reka is also the unromantic soul of this business and kicks Pier’s butt when he gets too carried away.

Reka, however, went from being a cocktail drinker to probably one of our best “clients”. She won’t serve you wine, but rather sit with you and have a great chat.

And she is behind all social media activities because Pier is anti-social on social media!