Reka and Pier Sfriso

7 weeks in quarantine, 3 to go (at least)

We are finishing our seventh week in quarantine, in other words, 48 days, since we started staying home with the outbreak of COVID-19 in Northern Italy. Thankfully we are still healthy. Last night the government decided that the country must stay locked down at least until May 3rd. That will mean ten weeks for us
Reka and Pier week 6 of quarantine

Week six of quarantine – it’s demotivating

Into our sixth week of quarantine and we struggle to have serious conversations. We are getting dumber and dumber as the weeks in quarantine increase. There are no problems to solve, there are no issues to deal with, there are no visitors or tastings to prepare. We just sit here day after day waiting for

Sfriso Wine Tasting In The Coronavirus Era

Sfriso Wine Tasting In The Coronavirus Era

This would normally be a season of increased wine tasting bookings. Except that today we can’t host tastings until further notice. So in the spirit of this situation, Pier decided to host a quick wine tasting for Mr. No-One Here and his friends!

Pier Sfriso looking at vineyard

This is what happens after four weeks of quarantine

It was exactly four weeks ago when we first heard about the coronavirus outbreak in Northern Italy. It feels like ages ago when there were only two specific red zones in lockdown in Italy. It was in the middle of the Carnival weekend, and the Governors of Veneto and Lombardia announced the closing of schools,

Pier & Reka Day 20 Quarantined

20 Days In Quarantine – Can’t Sell Any More Wine

It’s Friday 13th, and we decided to not write anything but show on a video our current state of mind. Our neighboring countries have closed their borders with Italy and our wines can’t be shipped anywhere anymore as they are not being picked-up by logistics companies. That was our last and only hope for more

Pier Sfriso

19 Days In Quarantine

What day is it today? It doesn’t matter! That’s what happens when there is an important shift in attention from the old everyday life to the new one. You stop paying attention to things that ruled your life before, like school and work, and deadlines and emails. Today we have other things ruling our lives.

Reka and Pier's boots

The New Normal During The Italian Lockdown

What the Italian lockdown really means Beyond the already well-known rules of no gatherings, no sports events, schools closed, work from home, etc, these are some of the other rules affecting us: Rule number one: We stay home. People can go out to go to work or for health reasons or other needs, such as

Distance Learning

Day two of quarantined life starts with good news!

Day two of complete Italian lockdown – our day 16 in quarantine – starts with good news for us in quarantined areas! Although the complete Italian and global situation is still very worrying, some confusion regarding the circulation of goods in our areas has been cleared. That is, products can enter and leave the territories