Become a Wine Maker and Live this dream life with us!

“You guys are living a dream life!” is something we hear very often from our friends and visitors. For them living close to nature, and produce our own wine feels like a dream. We get it. Some of these friends arrive here from a big city where hearing birds singing is a rarity. Or just having enough space to let kids run freely is a luxury. Here we get to complain about birds singing too loud at 5am and kids can freely run up and down the vineyard rows.
What most of you don’t know, is that what you call a “dream life” actually comes with hard work and dedication in periods specific to vineyard management, harvesting, wine making, and bottling. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we could bring the experience of our lives as wine business owners to those who aspire being like us. The answer is simple, by allowing you to get your hands dirty and invest in experiencing what it’s like to be a wine maker in Italy.

We would like to share with you the feeling of “owning” a vineyard, with all that this represents. From the joy of following the stages of vine development from the first leaves to the ripe grapes; to making sure the vines are healthy, all the way to the emotional turmoil it gives us when we realize that all our work is really in the hands of the unpredictable mother nature and trying to play along with the sun, rain, hailing, and wind. There needs to be commitment, time, and interest to live this as a real experience with us.

So how would this work?

We currently have one plot of land with Glera vines, the grapes that we use for making our Prosecco Sfriso Spumante, and one plot planted with Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Verduzzo Trevigiano, and Cabernet Franc. Altogether we have 68 rows that we are ready to share with the few fortunate who wish to share the “dream life” with us. You can decide to dedicate your time to one or more rows, the choice is yours. We will show you all the nuances, processes and stages of how a grape become the wine in your bottle. We also give the following benefits:

  • An amount of bottles of your Sfriso wine per year
  • A discount on other bottles purchased directly from us
  • The opportunity to host a wine tasting at your place with me Pier. (Only in Europe)
  • The chance to come to our winery during harvest and learn how to make wine with Pier - how grapes turn into wine and what all the processes of making wine are
  • We would expect you to come visit and learn the different procedures the plants are subject to, depending on the time of the year.
  • Your row/s will have your names printed on a sign

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