Week six of quarantine – it’s demotivating

Reka and Pier week 6 of quarantine

Into our sixth week of quarantine and we struggle to have serious conversations. We are getting dumber and dumber as the weeks in quarantine increase. There are no problems to solve, there are no issues to deal with, there are no visitors or tastings to prepare. We just sit here day after day waiting for this bad dream to be over and in the meantime, we don’t even know what day it is, or if it matters at all.

We miss our work. Hospitality and sharing wine is the reason why we used to get up in the morning. We are proud of the wines we produce and we hope Renzo, Pier’s father, is proud of us too.

As you all know we use our own grapes to make our wines and they are like our kids – sometimes they are difficult and cause us a headache. Mostly, they keep us linked to this historic land where wine has always been connecting people and cultures.

We miss greeting visitors like friends walking into our home. We miss welcoming them with a glass of Prosecco while we tell stories about the lemon trees planted by Renzo or point out the pheasants running through our vineyards. Closing our doors and looking at our empty tasting room feels surreal and sad.

Wine is how we share happiness with our visitors. We want them to leave knowing about the real Veneto, our very own dolce vita. The bottles, tasting table, shelves, and lounge area are dusty now, and we are not motivated to clean up.

Every evening we sit together with a glass of wine, a small reminder that wine has been bringing people together since ancient times. When this bad dream is over, we will use it to bring people together, once again.