Day two of quarantined life starts with good news!

Distance Learning

Day two of complete Italian lockdown – our day 16 in quarantine – starts with good news for us in quarantined areas!
Although the complete Italian and global situation is still very worrying, some confusion regarding the circulation of goods in our areas has been cleared. That is, products can enter and leave the territories inside the red zone in Lombardy, and the other 14 provinces, which means we will not run out of food. It also means our wines should be picked up as planned. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Many of you have asked about the fact that schools are closed and wonder about the consequences. Here are the facts for us, which may not be the same for all students:

  • The Director of our daughters’ school sends us weekly emails with very clear guidelines about what’s next. Every week the situation changes, so it is difficult for schools to plan ahead. Spring break, ski trips, and other school trips have all been canceled.
  • During the first week at home, our daughters had nothing to do; no homework, and no studying. They enjoyed the situation very much while everyone else was hoping that schools would open the week after.
  • During the second week, when it became clear that the virus was still fast-spreading, teachers started sending emails with homework and study information. Not many emails, but enough to keep them busy for a few hours during the week. One teacher sent a heartwarming email to the students saying he was missing the everyday mess of the classroom and was hoping to be able to resume classes as soon as possible. These messages are important for students, so they know that teachers also struggle with this “new normal.”
  • In week three, which is this week, the emails keep coming and coming. We have been informed that as of today, we officially start with distance learning activities. This will all be done online using Google Drive, Google Classroom, Hangouts, Skype, and an app called ScuolaOnline. Each teacher will send emails and notifications through the app for each subject.

This is also very good news! Kudos to the school for being proactive like this!

There’s nothing worse than being bored and isolated from friends. Last week was difficult for all of us because the novelty of this uncertainty got everyone nervous. But now kids can finally get back to somewhat regular school hours, albeit at home, and possibly in their pajamas. Up until now, it felt like holidays for them, staying up late and waking up late. Now they will have their daily studying to do, so that will help resume normal life for all of us.

Life goes on
We are distracted, we are disrupted, we have to adapt by giving up on things, and we can’t plan ahead. This is the new normal, but I believe that as long as we keep a positive attitude and most of our daily habits and routine going, even with necessary adjustments, we will all be fine. It is helping us reset our priorities and understand that doing this is for the safety and health of everyone.